Most common temperature logger mistakes: #1

There are two main causes for this.

  1. Getting a new unit and placing it straight in a fridge without starting it
  2. Stopping it to retrieve results, and not restarting it


The problem is quite simple – the unit is off and has no idea what is happening. 

This problem tends to lead to some awkward follow-on questions like

  • “How do I retrieve the readings then?” (You can’t)
  • “So how can I get the results?” (You can’t)
  • “Is there anything I can do to get the results?” (No)

Ways to avoid the problem include:

  • Don’t stop the logger when retrieving results. Ensure that “rollover” has been enabled.
  • Use a logger like the Logtag that has flashing red/green LEDs to indicate that it has started.
  • Train your staff.

And this is our most commonly reported mistake. In my next post, we’ll discuss the most common mistake that is rarely mentioned to us.