Epipen Storage Temperature

Proper storage of Epipens is important. All the documentation available says that it should be stored at room temperature (25°C) until the expiry date. The recommendations are not to store at too high a temperature and not to refrigerate.

What happens if it is stored at too high or too low a temperature? In short, it becomes ineffective, or its effect is diminished.

How do I know if I have not exposed the epipen to extremes of temperature? The easiest way is to place a temperature logger with a display in with the Epipen. With summer approaching and the chance of some very high temperatures, the temperature logger, with a display will let you see the temperature that your epipen has been exposed to quickly and easily.

OnSolution Logtag with Display is a simple and easy to use logger with display. It also has a display of the minimum and maximum temperatures for the last 30 days. It is a 3 in 1 instrument that is very accurate. Consider purchasing a LogTag to monitor the temperature of Epipen’sconsider purchasing the LogTag.

With the Logtag there is no more guessing if your Epipen has been stored correctly.