Vaccine temperature is critical!

Vaccine storage isn’t hard!

You just need to ensure your vaccine temperature is between 

2°C and 8°C

 or they will be damaged or destroyed. Here’s why

Above 8°C

Above 8°C and vaccines start to perish, and will experience a greatly reduced shelf life. The higher the temperature the faster the decay.

Strive for Five

5°C is the ideal temperature to be aiming to store vaccines… right in the middle of the 8°C and 2°C zone.

Below 2°C

If a vaccine freezes, it will die. That is, it will become completely ineffective. 2° provides a safety zone.

Free Vaccine Poster

This FREE combo poster/fact sheet is the ideal way to train staff and remind them of the importance of correct vaccine temperatures.

    The only way to reliably store vaccines is

    in a vaccine fridge 

    with an independent temperature logger.

    Why Use Vaccine Fridges?

    Fan Forced

    Ensures an even vaccine temperature distribution so there are no hot or cold spots

    Computer Controlled

    Smarter control of the vaccine temperature ensures it doesn’t get too cold. Other fridges use a timer, and that’s potentially very bad.


    Audible alarms notify nearby staff as soon as there is a problem. This is your BEST protection possible.


    An external display allows staff to know what is happening inside the fridge.

    Want Peace of Mind?

    Never stress or worry again about whether your vaccines are safe. 

    By using the right temperature logger, you can protect your reputation and your vaccines.

    Fridge Failure

    If your fridge fails, you need to know when the problem started and how bad it was. This is the difference between keeping and disposing of stock.

    Power Failure

    Your fridge can’t notify you if it is off, but an independent temperature logger knows what is going on.

    ‘Policing the police’

    The biggest issue, however, is ‘how do you know if the fridge is actually measuring the correct temperature?’ The simplest way is to have an independent temperature monitoring device in the fridge.

    Do you want the Ultimate Protection?

    Fully Automated

    There are basically two types of temperature loggers. One requires that you plug it into a computer to retrieve the results. You have all the auditing benefits of a logger, but it still takes time.

    The other type is a fully automated system, where the results are automatically retrieved. This means that you don’t have to spend any time at all worrying about your vaccine temperatures.

    It also has the following advantages…

    Immediate Alarm Notification

    If something does go wrong, you don’t want to find out hours or days later. You need to know immediately.

    With immediate alarm notifications you will be alerted as soon as a problem occurs. This gives you the chance to fix the problem before you need to discard vaccines, or gives you plenty of warning that you will need to restock.

    Remote Monitoring

    Some temperature loggers send the results off site so you can access them any where- at work, at home, at the beach. This is essential for when you are notified of a breach and want to know what is happening on site, right now.

    This is also ideal for people managing a number of locations and want independent access to what is happening right now.

    Act Now

    Never take a manual vaccine temperature recording again! With a temperature logger, you can set and forget.  Get instant notifications whenever something goes wrong, and then take immediate action to fix the problem. 

    Too many people contact us AFTER the problem and have thrown out thousands of dollars of stock, and even worse, can’t sell new stock until they have validated their fridge. The time to act is NOW, before a problem occurs.

    Who Uses Temperature Loggers?

    Vaccine Temperature Loggers are used all around Australia – in fact, the Thermocron Temperature Logger range is used by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to audit their members’ vaccine fridges. They were also installed in the majority of GPs when the New Zealand government supplied all GPs with a vaccine fridge.

    For the past decade, temperature loggers have been a standard addition to most vaccine fridges. Unfortunately they aren’t mandatory, but most pharmacies and GPs have gone for “best practice” and carefully monitor their vaccines. 

    Need Some Advice on Vaccine Temperature?

    Talk to one of our friendly experts. With over 15 years of experience with temperature logging,  our staff know how to provide you with the right solution for your Vaccine Storage temperature logging needs. You may also be interested in our blog, or our page on storing vaccines and on vaccine fridges.