Humidity logger: The results we needed, not the results we wanted

Today I was talking to a customer who had recently purchased temperature loggers to monitor shipments to Japan. They had problems with shipments being rejected because of moisture damage. This was a new client in a new city in Japan and they were after a special mix that our customer could make. The new city meant that the shipping arrangements were different to normal. Our customer thought they knew exactly what the problem was and needed to prove that the shipping company was at fault.

So they purchased some humidity loggers and included them in the shipments. For this small investment their return was huge.

The results were not what they wanted or expected. In fact, the results were totally contradictory to their theory. What they were expecting to see was a good profile until the goods reached the tropics, and then an increase in humidity as the containers failed to manage the environment.

Instead they were exactly what they needed – the truth. What they saw was that almost instantly the humidity increased and stayed elevated for the entire journey. It was the new mix that was causing the problem, not the shipping company.

Having clearly identified the cause they were immediately able to fix it. They increased the amount of water absorbing packs and placed them in key locations. Each shipment is now going to cost them more, but it is a cost that is fully justified.

Now they are using the humidity loggers to help them fine tune how many water absorbing packs they need, and how this will vary seasonally.

Straight away the humidity loggers were able to stop entire shipments being rejected and is saving them both thousands of dollars and their reputation. Now it is allowing them to fine tune how many extra water absorbing packs they need so that they aren’t wasting money each shipment.

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