LogTag Temperature Logger – Testimonials

It’s now time to share some testimonials about the LogTag Temperature Logger. As you can see, they are having a huge impact in the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry.

Previously we used digital thermometers (Max and Min) which were problematic, high rate of failure, time consuming, could not be verified or to meet NATA requirements. We decided to buy the Logtag Temperature Loggers because of their ease of use, traceability and assessment of results, NATA conditions met. They have now improved our labour efficiency and accuracy of results

We needed a Logtag Temperature Logger as an extra way to monitor fridge temp if goes above the normal vaccines storage range. I can easily download the figures so that I could make sure vaccines are store at the appropriate temp range. I would recommend them to everyone that I know working in GP practice that not using any temp logger.
(Medical practice)

We were doing a wrapped and unwrapped trial, mainly dealing with the cost of corner boards and needed to track the temperature of fruit sent to NZ and Japan. We have used them in the past and were pleased with the results. The quality team here recommends Logtags.
(Fresh produce distribution)

I have been using the Logtags for a number of years and find them reliable, easy to use and easy to explain how to use them. Also easy to transport by courier to GP practices in the region.
We use them to monitor vaccine storage to maintain refrigerator temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees C. I have recommended them to other organisations who monitor vaccine temperatures.
(Medical practice)

We decided to buy the Logtag Temperature Loggers because they were an independent unit and easy to use. This helped make our cold chain monitoring more complete. The support from sales in setup and troubleshooting has helped our nurses’ confidence in using them. I would recommend them to other medical centres.
(Medical practice)

Logtags were a way of meeting our regulatory requirements to make sure our products were being stored at recommended temperatures. The devices were small, had all the basic functions, an alarm and logged temperatures over several weeks. Also Logtags are small and so are convenient to place in the room. We would recommend them to other people in our industry.

We used to manually check the fridge temperature on our vaccine fridge. We have a lot of temporary staff now and needed to make sure the records were easily available. The Logtags are easy to use and it means we don’t have to worry about paper records and storage. We would recommend them to anyone with a vaccine fridge.
(Medical practice)

We needed a temperature logger at a hospital we were working with, and in particular required a calibration certificate. The Logtag Temperature Logger was simple to use. I would recommend them to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

I never knew such a device existed. The Logtag Temperature Logger are small and compact and ideal for small day surgeries and small fridges! I am now better able to meet accreditation standards for drug temp monitoring and documentation of these readings. I have recommended them to all my fellow DON’s at the Australian Day Hospital Association and HICMR our infection control consultants
(Day surgery)

We have used the Logtag Temperature Logger in the past and found them to be reliable and easy to use. They have made validation and verification activities simple and I would recommend them to anyone within the food industry.
(Food franchise)