Temperature Logger Specifications: Part 2

Starting options Temperature loggers often offer a range of techniques to start the logging.┬áMost loggers provide an immediate start capability via the software. A manual start option (normally a push button) is useful for where the loggers are stored for some time before use and a PC is not available. For example, a farm or […]

Temperature Logger Specifications: Part 1

In this final part on temperature loggers we investigate the other specifications and features that differentiate temperature loggers and thermometers. Software The great benefit of loggers is the ability to view the results and save them for later use. Each logger will typically have its own software. They vary in what the software can do […]

Temperature Logger – Sample rate and memory

This part continues exploring the jargon involved with temperature loggers and focuses on the sample rate and memory size. These are critical because they determine how long a logger can be used for before information is lost.   Sample rate This is how often the logger will record the temperature. Most loggers offer a programmable […]