Temperature Logger for Vaccine Storage

Thermocron TCS
Logtag with Display
Logtag Temperature

When storing your vaccines, “Strive for 5” which are the Commonwealth Guidelines for the storage of vaccines says that the temperature of your fridges must be monitored and recorded. These temperature loggers will record the temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is only necessary to download the results every week. The beauty of a temperature logger is that while you are not in the pharmacy, it is still logging. The Thermocrons and Logtags are battery operated, so even if there is a blackout or power failure, they are still logging. If there is a power failure, then you know that the logger is still going, so after power is restored, you can download the results and see the temperature that you vaccine fridge reached, and then treat the vaccines as recommended by their manufacturer. There is no more guess work, and it may not be necessary to throw away tens of thousands of dollars of vaccines.

The Logtag Display is great for transporting vaccines. The display shows the current temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures reached each day. The log is in the memory and can be easily downloaded.

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