Temperature Monitoring

This is the first blog in a series that will discuss various aspects of temperature monitoring, with a focus on temperature loggers. Much of what is discussed can also be applied to thermometers. One of these blogs will actually discuss the differences between thermometers and temperature loggers.

Money, reputation and lives

There are some things that a business can not afford to lose. Money is an obvious one, but what about a good reputation? In the food and medical industry, what about the life of a customer? Lose any of these and your business won’t be around for much longer.

For most companies this is enough incentive to provide a safe business environment. The law, however, is changing and is increasing the standards. These laws provide strict requirements when handling drugs, potentially dangerous food, blood and pathology samples. So temperature monitoring becomes a legal obligation as much as a financial or moral one.

Finally customer expectations are increasing. Within the food industry, freshness can not be compromised. Shelf life is another issue. In the end your product must be the best because people don’t want anything less. OnSolution can provide advice on how to effectively monitor the temperature within your organisation.