Thermocron Temperature Logger – Testimonials

Here are some of the latest testimonials we have received from our customers. Unfortunately corporate or company policy means that we can’t release the names of most of them publicly.

We operate several coolrooms and freezers and the thermocrons do the job for us without us needing to think or worry. We are able to easily monitor temperatures on a daily or weekly basis. We would recommend thermocrons to any business that requires accurate temperature logging.
(Catering company)

The thermocrons were easy to use and the service is excellent. The sales rep/management are exceptionally easy to deal with. Financially we save more and we can test more load and loading pattern which meant our Quality practice is better. The loggers can be used in most areas e.g. washers, dryer and sterilisers. You can go to all areas within the hospital or any hospital with a fridge,blanket heater, blood storage, etc. the loggers are excellent for monitoring and ensure they comply.
(CSSD manager)

We have purchased the thermocron data loggers in the past and have found them to be very reliable. The accuracy of the items has been of great benefit, and the eTemperature program is easy to use. We would recommend the thermocrons to other food manufacturers or distributors.
(Seafood supplier)

I needed to measure human skin temperature while wearing protective clothing. I required an option that had no external cabling. The Thermocrons provided a relatively inexpensive solution in comparison to other wireless options. I would recommend the thermocrons to anyone who wants a wireless alternative that doesn’t have to be real-time.
(University professor)

The Thermocron was recommended to us by another manufacturer. We used it for Assistance with product validations for a microwave food processing line and would now also recommend it to other food manufacturers.
(Food manufacturer)

We needed to monitor the fridge for cold chain management of vaccines. My supervisor had purchased some of your thermocrons previously and so I thought I would try it. I now have confidence in knowing my fridges are monitored accurately and would recommend them to any immunisation provider.

We do meals on wheels service and are checking temperatures of meals from the time they leave our kitchen (dished into containers) to the time the delivery people finish delivering. We were told about the Thermocrons by the WCC Health Department. They are a good size unit which fits into the containers. They have been able to assist us in developing plans to keep the food hot / cold for our meals on wheels clients.

The thermocron temperature loggers have been incredibly handy in helping us meet the HACCP requirements to record the temperature profiles on products.

It’s a time consuming process to be filling in temperature logs every so many hours each day. The Thermocron temperature logger has saved us time and we now keep comprehensive logs of our temperatures in every fridge and coldroom, thereby meeting OHS and Food Safety standards. I would recommend Thermocron to anyone in the hospitality game. They are the most cost effective way of logging temperatures as required by food safety legislation.

Temperature is extremely import to our business and the products we process. In particular the reaching of temperature to 90 degrees for 10 minutes and then the rapid reduction to temperature to below 5 degrees in 40 minutes from being cooked. We needed temperature loggers to maintain the quality of product and the reputation across the industry. It has ensured our quality control systems are working and the health and safety of our products. We would recommend the thermocron temperature loggers to other seafood processing businesses that have business dealings with ourselves.
(Seafood manufacturer)

We run -80 & -20 freezers for sample storage & medication fridges & pharmacy for storage of medication within a clinical trials unit. We use the thermocrons for back-up temperature downloads should any temperature excursion occur, or for when samples/medication needs to be transported to alternative storage. They have been a good for back-up temperature downloads.

We were having Temperature fluctuations in production and needed a compact size data logger. The thermocron provided quick temperature monitoring and I would recommend them to anyone with a similar application.