Temperature loggers in Vaccine Fridges

After 10 years in the business, it now appears that temperature loggers are becoming a normal option for monitoring vaccine fridges. And it is also finally getting to the stage where a vaccine fridge is considered not only best practice, but the standard practice instead of cheap domestic fridges.

But why should people spend more money on buying a temperature logger when they have already spent good money on a vaccine fridge? Here are some reasons:

  1. If the vaccine fridge is wrong, it doesn’t know. It will try to control temperature based on what it thinks is the temperature. A second opinion never goes astray.
  2. If the fridge does fail (either because it failed or the power failed) then you need to know when it happened and for how long. If the fridge is off, it isn’t aware of anything. But an independent temperature logger is still active.
  3. They are more reliable than your staff. Well, you may have good staff, but they aren’t going to sit there every 5 minutes to record the temperature.

So imagine accreditation next time. Imagine pulling out a series of graphs showing how reliable your vaccine storage is.

Or imagine coming in on Monday morning to a warm fridge and knowing exactly how long it was warm for.