Vaccine Storage Temperature Poster

After the success of our irst Vaccine Storage Temperature Poster, we have now done a second run.

We have made some minor changes to the poster. On the front of the poster we have an arrow up and down pointing towards 5°C. We also added the words “Strive for 5” to latch in with the industry drive to “Strive for 5”. We aren’t laying claim to it but I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to have it repeated where ever possible.

On the back we kept most of the text the same. There is another repeat of the “Strive for 5” but that’s about it.

So if anyone would like a free copy (or multiple copies) of the Vaccine Storage Temperature Poster please send us a request at [email protected].

The poster is ideal for putting next to your vaccine fridge, or on the door. It is a simple reminder that vaccine temperature is critical.

For the food industry we also have a Food Temperature version.