Word of mouth

We don’t do much advertising. Instead we rely upon our customers letting others know about us.

So I would just like to say thank you to all of our customers who have passed our details onto others. It is great when we get a call and hear “so and so recommended you”.

And thank you to all of our customers who have moved into a new company or role and introduced our products there.

To give you an idea how powerful word of mouth advertising is, here are two examples:

  1. One person in a local large hospital bought some loggers. He mentioned it to a second person who bought some. That second person mentioned it to dozens of people and over the space of a couple of years the loggers were introduced into departments that I have not even heard of. Then it spread to the other hospitals in the area.
  2. One person worked in a catering company in Australia and was trialling the Thermocron temperature loggers. He was about to introduce it nationally in the company but was head hunted overseas. His replacement hated technology and wanted low tech solutions for kitchens. But overseas the Thermocrons were a huge success (there was a huge issue with importing goods into a third world country). They were so successful that the Thermocrons were introduced into a number of other countries where the company was having similar issues. Our contact was promoted to a more senior role and Thermocrons became standard practice for his sites. So we are now selling into countries which we have difficulty spelling, let alone finding on an atlas.

Word of mouth will take you places where you can’t even dream of.

Thank you.