Common temperature logger mistakes: #5 Not retrieved

Once again, this problem is really obvious in hindsight but is easily done. The way it comes about is quite simple and this is fairly common…

  1. Someone buys a logger and uses it
  2. They leave the company
  3. The new person has no idea that the logger exists, let alone that they need to do something with it
  4. A year later they are being audited and they are asked for the log. They contact us to find out how to get the results


The consequences

The problem is quite simple – the unit lost the data long ago and has no idea what was happening. And here is an almost straight copy fromĀ common temperature logger mistakes 1 – not turned on:

This problem tends to lead to some awkward follow-on questions like

  • “How do I retrieve the readings then?” (You can’t)
  • “So how can I get the results?” (You can’t)
  • “Is there anything I can do to get the results?” (No)


The solutions

  1. Ensure that there is a procedure clearly detailing when the results need to be retrieved.
  2. When training new staff, ensure they know the procedure
  3. If the person is away, ensure that others know what to do
  4. If there is a public holiday or similar that will stop the results from being retrieved, ensure the sample rate/memory is sufficient to allow the results to be retrieved slightly later