Common temperature logger mistakes: #2 Sampling too slowly

After common temperature logger mistake 1 of not being turned on, mistake number 2 is reported to us less, but more common. There are many users who set their sample rate to one sample every couple of hours. This is typically 4 hours for the Thermocron and even slower for Logtags.   The likely cause […]

Most common temperature logger mistakes: #1

Most common temperature logger mistakes

There are two main causes for this. Getting a new unit and placing it straight in a fridge without starting it Stopping it to retrieve results, and not restarting it   The problem is quite simple – the unit is off and has no idea what is happening.  This problem tends to lead to some […]

Temperature Logger Comparison

This temperature logger comparison will cover the similarities and key differences between the Logtag Temperature Logger and Thermochron Temperature Loggers. Selecting the best temperature logger is much like selecting the best car – it all comes down what features you really care about. The similarities Fundamentally the Logtags and Thermochrons are the same. They both […]