Why would you want a daily min/max graph?

Why would you want a daily min/max graph?

I was recently asked to make a daily min/max graph. I questioned the wisdom of this and showed how it was built on old compromises that don’t need to exist anymore. It’s time to move on.

Most common temperature logger mistakes: #1

Most common temperature logger mistakes

There are two main causes for this. Getting a new unit and placing it straight in a fridge without starting it Stopping it to retrieve results, and not restarting it   The problem is quite simple – the unit is off and has no idea what is happening.  This problem tends to lead to some […]

What is the best sample rate for vaccines?

what is the best sample rate for vaccines

We are often asked what is the best sample rate for vaccines. Or worse, we aren’t asked and we find out what some people are doing.   The worst option Sampling once per day (or once every 4 hours depending on the logger’s capability) is the least effective approach. This is a hangover from the […]

Calibration vs Certification?

What is the difference between calibration and certification

We are often asked about temperature logger calibration versus certification. There is some confusion between the two and what is required. This should clarify many of the questions:   What is Supplied: 1. Our temperature loggers are tested at the point of manufacture to make sure they meet the specifications. This is the Quality Control […]

Why is my vaccine fridge too cold?

Why is my vaccine fridge too cold?

The following graph clearly shows that the vaccine fridge is too cold. Vaccines need to be stored between 2° and 8°C. In this case, the fridge is continually dropping below 2°C.   There are a couple of points to be made, however: By using the Thermocron Temperature Logger, we know that the vaccine temperatures won’t […]

Why are Vaccine Fridges so Expensive?

Why are vaccine fridges so expensive

Background Vaccine fridges are crucial because vaccines are temperature-sensitive, much like milk. If vaccines get too warm, their shelf life shortens, and unlike milk, vaccines cannot be frozen as it renders them ineffective. In Australia, vaccines must be stored between 2°C and 8°C, prompting the “Strive for 5” campaign.   The Aim of a Vaccine […]

Why do vaccine temperature loggers disagree with each other?

Why is it possible to have different brands of vaccine temperature loggers sitting next to each other and give very different results? We recently received this email (slightly paraphrased and brand name dropped out): “Please find attached a plot from an ETemp unit we recently purchased from OnSolution , as well as a plot from […]

How often should I download the temperature log for a vaccine fridge?

This is a question we are asked quite often. The following answer is my personal opinion. You may have company policies or additional rules that will impact on what I say. If you have a vaccine fridge (i.e. a purpose built vaccine fridge) then keep the following in mind: The vaccine fridge displays the temperature […]

Where should I place my Vaccine Temperature Logger?

Where should I place my Vaccine Temperature Logger? I am frequently asked this question. If you read “strive for 5” it suggests that you need to understand your vaccine fridge, so the logger should be placed in different locations after each time that you download your temperature log. From having the logger in a different […]

Temperature Logger discrepancy – “But why don’t they agree?”

A very common question is “why don’t two monitoring devices show the same temperature?” For example a fridge may have a digital display and a temperature logger but they never show the same temperature. Is the logger discrepancy showing the logger is wrong, because surely it must be impossible for them to both be right? […]